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Being a recent graduate of East Carolina University, I absolutely love the college atmosphere anywhere you go! We would love to get involved with your school and have you become our campus rep. The requirements are minimal and you receive apparel/ hardware free of charge! All you have to do is fill out the application below. Look forward to hearing from you! We will follow up with an email/ phone call to explain more about our program in detail after you submit your application. Thanks!

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Free Stuff!

We would love all the recognition we can get here at Windward Drift. Simply share a picture of your favorite Windward Drift item on social media and attach a link to our online store. Don't forget to #WindwardDrift when you post. Tell everybody what you think of our work and our online store. Once we see the hashtag on social media, we will contact you directly and forward you some free stickers/ koozies in return for helping us out! 

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